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September 20, 2009

Clifty Falls State Park

Madison, Indiana

Oak Grove Shelter House

Noon - ?


The shelter house holds 50 people and has picnic tables. We are expecting more people then that to show up. Please bring lawn chairs with you if you can. Be sure your chairs have your name on them. Also, you could bring a card table if you can.

This will be a pitch-in lunch.

We will need people to bring items. I will list items that people are bring as I get that information. You can email me or Valerie or just leave a message on the guestbook here.

 Things people will be bringing Food Items:

  • pie or cake - Jean

  • some soft drinks - Jean

  • cooler of tea - Valerie

  • pasta salad - Michelle

  • cookies of some kind - Michelle


Things people will be bringing Non-Food Items:

  • name tags - Jean

  • shelter house - Valerie

  • table cloths (8) - Valerie

  • napkins, flatware - Valerie

  • card table - Valerie

  • plates, flatware, napkins, cups for 100 - Carol

  • table cloths (about 7) - Michelle


    Things we still need people to bring:

    • trash bags

    • soda or other drinks

    • condiments if we find we have need for them

    • ice and cooler

    • desserts

    • salads

    • casseroles

    • chips etc.


    If you have any lawn games, feel free to bring them. 

     a map of the park


    my name is Michelle Adams


    also contact: Valerie Strickland